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Quieter cleaning with less hassle

The RegaVent Central Vacuum System is so convenient. It's a permanently installed vacuum system with a central suction unit and vacuum sockets conveniently sited throughout the house. You simply 'plug in' the vacuum hose to a handy wall socket and vacuum away!

What's more, the central suction unit at the heart of RegaVent Central Vacuum System is 50% more powerful than a typical cylinder or upright cleaner, so there's no more effective or convenient way of cleaning, the heavy dust particles which are trapped in the separate filter chamber are easily and cleanly removed in a disposable bag.

No matter which unit you decide to install, it will make your house cleaning just a whisper of what it was. Imagine being able to vacuum and still hear the phone ring, listen to your favourite music. You can even vacuum the bedrooms while your children are sleeping.

RegaVent Central Vacuum System is quick and easy to install, whether you are a professional building a new home or a DIYer improving an existing property. The central unit looks just like any other small kitchen appliance and, because it’s almost silent in operation, it can be conveniently installed in a utility area or even the kitchen. The hose handle is fitted with a remote on/off switch and the system is designed to 'run-on' for five seconds after switch off so that the hose is totally cleared of any smells or residue so that nothing can filter back into the room.

Ideal for Asthma or Allergy sufferers

Common sense says that fresh air is one of the most fundamental requirements for good health. Sadly nowadays, one of the most common forms of widespread ailments is allergic reaction. A proven contributor to allergy symptoms is insufficient filtration with traditional vacuum cleaners. These systems are simply unable to collect the tiniest of particles, the most harmful of which are microscopic. (Those you cannot see with the naked eye), and the most distressing include bacteria and dust mite excrement.

The good news for allergy sufferers is that the RegaVent Central Vacuum System removes the contaminated air and replaces it with cleaner and fresher air, thereby keeping related symptoms to a minimum.

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